Embedded Asterisk ipPBX08

Crestview VOIP An embedded asterisk appliance designed for up to 100 users. The ipPBX08 is capable of up to eight incoming lines. There is no limitation on how many IP phones you may have. Nor is they’re a per phone license requirement. Built in auto-attendant, voicemail, and call Queuing. My personal favorite is voicemail to email. I love having only one place to retrieve my messages. The ipPBX08 supports a wide range of software phones. With the purchase of a headset you can turn a computer into a phone. Many software phone programs are available for Android and iPhone as well. Thus allowing your cell phone to become an extension on the system. This is a great way of being mobile within your office.     Feature List      

Key Features

droid iphone
  • Multi-Site Networking
  • Off Premise Extensions, Remote Workers.
  • Use any industry standard SIP phone.
  • Softphones
  • Voice Mail / Auto-Attendant included.
  • Call Queuing.
  • Music on Hold

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